'Ikitotter' is a super simple communication site run by 'Sirindo Co.,Ltd.'

We hope this could help people who are not able to or don't want to type messages much from a keyboard but still want to make communication on Internet.

Also this could be a helpful communication tool for people who need to care somebody.

We, 'Sirindo Co.,Ltd.', have all kind of solutions for Internet communication tools. Please contact us for whatever your needs.
Your opinion about this 'Ikitotter' site is very welcome, too.

We are not responsible about whatever issues as results of this 'Ikitotter' site. Please limit your use of this site in the area you can handle by yourself.

Main features in 'Ikitotter'
  • Post a message by Drag and Drop
  • Follow messages of your registered users
  • Make groups with Keywords
  • Automatic e-mail notice with important messages
  • Automatic e-mail notice with a term of no post